Scottish Highlands in Lonely Planet’s Top Regions

Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2019 is here! And we’re delighted that our nation is on the Top Regions list for the beautiful Scottish Highlands and islands!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Region No. 5.

The popular travel guide has listed its “ten regions that are ready for the spotlight”. As usual, Lonely Planet has made some great choices. Each one is definitely worth visiting, judging by the variety of history, culture and beautiful scenery. Although we’re not quite number one on the list, which Piedmont, Italy is, the Scotland’s Highlands and islands are listed as number five! We’re right above the Russian Far East and just below Australia’s Red Centre.

What’s so great about the Scottish Highlands and islands?

The list item starts by praising Scotland’s whisky: “a thousand years of history and culture distilled.” Lonely Planet seems to like the distilleries up here, and we agree. In particular, Oban Distillery is well worth a visit for the tours and tastings it offers.

Barcaldine Castle, Scottish Highlands

The item also includes a link to Lonely Planet’s video “Introducing Scotland’s Highlands & Islands”. Give Barcaldine Castle a wave at 1:09! Also linked is their article The Great Glen: coast to coast along Scotland’s rift valley. You may want to have a read and see some of the gorgeous sights included, such as Glenfinnan Viaduct.

If that’s not enough, have a look at Lonely Planet’s full Highlands & Islands page to see what else they have to say. Among its ‘top experiences’ is the seafood of Oban.

Come and see for yourself.

Fancy a trip up to the Scottish Highlands to see what Lonely Planet is talking about? While you’re at it, a stay at Barcaldine Castle will give you an even more memorable experience! Have a look at what else you can get up to when you’re visiting the Highlands.