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Do you dream of having a traditional Scottish wedding? There’s a lot to Scottish culture when it comes to getting married, and there are plenty of Scottish wedding traditions to consider …

  1. The bride traditionally gives the groom his wedding shirt as a gift, known as the ‘wedding sark’. In return, the groom also gifts the bride her wedding dress.
  2. When the bride leaves her house on the way to the wedding, she should exit with her right foot forward to prevent bad luck.
  3. As the bride steps into the car, her father throws a handful of coins for the children to collect. This tradition, called the ‘wedding scramble’ is believed to bring about financial good fortune.
  4. In the traditional ‘wedding walk’ to the church, a fiddler leads the wedding party to the church. Behind the fiddler, the groom walks with the maid of honour; behind them, the bride walks with the best man.
  5. After the ceremony, the married couple leaves the church followed by the best man and the maid of honour. Traditionally, it is lucky for the procession to cross running water twice.
  6. If you’re on a tight budget, you could have a ‘penny wedding’. This traditionally means the guests bring their own food and drinks to the reception, while the bride and groom spend more on the wedding cake.
  7. After the legal proceedings, the wedding party sip from the Scottish Quaich, or ‘loving cup’. This is a two-handled silver bowl that the bride fills with whisky and passes around.

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